Slice. Turn. Slice.

With a MAV ham holder you can slice any ham and turn it upside down without removing it away from the holder. Just in one single move!

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The MAV ham holder

The MAV ham holder is equipped with a device that allows to slice your ham orienting it as you want: you can slice horizontally, at 45 degrees or turn your ham upside down without removing it away from the clamp as well. With MAV ham holder you can slice any kind of ham or treated meat: Parma ham, Jamon serrano, Pata negra, Salami and so on.


The MAV ham holder is patent pending in EU and it's totally hand-crafted and assembled in Italy: it's made of only top quality materials. The holder is made of stainless steel with a marble bottom base: design and ease of use are combined in this one-of-a-kind ham holder.

The MAV holder is not just a simple accessory for serving ham. Even when not holding a good Parma ham, the holder can be an original piece of furniture that could embellish your home or your restaurant.

Easy to use

Rock solid



Easy to use

The MAV ham holder is inteded for professionals, but you're not required to have a particular ability to use it. Moreover you will keep your hands clean when it comes to turn the ham upside down.

How to slice a ham (or anything else)

  1. Put the ham or a piece of treated meat between the clamps using the bottom support.
  2. Spin the handle to push the ham against the rotating clamp.
  3. Remove the bottom support and start to slice.
  4. To flip upside down the ham to slice it on the other side, just unlock the rotating clamp and turn the ham upside down. You're done!

Tip. With the Mav ham holder you can carve your Jamon Serrano (or Pata Negra) the right way: putting it oblique at 45 degrees!

Slicing a ham with MAV ham holder is very easy.

Made to last

The MAV ham holder is 100% made in Italy. It is hand-crafted and assembled by hand. We use only top quality and certified materials: the clamps supports are made of stainless steel AISI304 and the bottom base is made of Aurisina marble.

Four rubber feet under the base let you safely slice the ham and... They are the only plastic items.

MAV ham holder is made to last.

Easy to clean

We take hygiene very seriously so it's not an option. Both steel supports and marble base can be hand washed or even put in a dishwasher.

You can disassemble your MAV ham holder using only the included hexagonal wrench, just like IKEA furniture. Assembling and disassembling the holder are very easy operations that take only 5 minutes. Or less.

One-of-a-kind items

If you want to give to someone a MAV ham holder or just want to customize it with your restaurant logo we could engrave it on a steel clamp support and marble base as well.

You can also choose among a huge variety of fine crafted Aurisina marble bases.

Amaze your friends and your guests with a touch of class. The MAV ham holder is so nice to see that almost looks like a design object. No "almost": it actually is.

Professional MAV ham holder is the perfect gift.

Contact us

Each MAV ham holder is unique and it's not sold in e-shops, street shops and malls. If you want to know how you can buy it or just want to learn more about it drop us a line and we'll get in contact in a second. Yes, a second: more or less that's how much it takes to flip a ham with a MAV holder.